My favorite part of working with Shelley is that she takes the time to keep me motivated. I become bored easily but her challenging workouts keep me interested in pushing myself all the time.

-Valeria Murphree, adventure racer and marathon runner

I’ve been playing roller derby for nearly a decade and have gone through several injuries during my playing career. Shelley has helped me work on getting my strength and power back to where I want to be to keep me performing at my best.

– Jessica Velez, roller derby blocker and pivot

I have finally lost the last stubborn weight that I wanted to get rid of.  I am the same weight as I was in school 24 years ago, but I’m much stronger now. I’m excited what my body can achieve by continuing to work with Shelley.

-Anna Irvine, adventure paddleboarder

Elite roller derby sport performance

I started training with Shelley my first year playing derby. I’ve continued to work with her to achieve my goals of being a better jammer. She has helped me get stronger, faster andmore powerful on the track and has helped me inprove my body composition a lot during our time working together.

-Clarice Zayas, roller derby jammer

You will never get bored in Shelley’s programs. The training sessions are scaled just right, absolutely challenging, but absolutely doable. You will learn to love Cosgrove’s Evil 8 complex, but you’ll probably still hate burpees.

-Tara Gibbs, front end web and UX developer and foodie

Working with Shelley was awesome. She was attentive and extremely knowledgeable without being overwhelming. I was the leanest I have ever been and felt great… never starved or too sore.

-Sofia Calado, yoga queen and photographer

Shelley enables and encourages all the participants in her group programs to develop new long term habits. This is done with good humor that creates a team feeling that fosters motivation. It was a real pleasure to be a part of her program.

-Mark Berry, online client, Fitness Over 40

Shelley has put together a fantastic program! My experience has been great and I would say I’m in better shape now than I ever have been, not just over 40.

-Mike Taschuk, inventor

Shelley is an excellent coach! With her help I was able to meet and surpass my fitness goals (weight loss, strength and nutrition changes.) I am happier and healthier than when I started, and I have the tools I need not only to maintain my lifestyle changes, but feel like I have the knowledge to continue my strength training.

-Heather Taschuk, jazz dancer

After working with Shelley my fitness and strength levels have definitely increased. I received coaching on my individual techniques and have integrated mobility work into my daily routines. The results are that I’m lifting at or near my PR’s in most lifts and have a path forward to do even more.

-Bill Ferris, online client

After working with Shelley Murray, CSCS I was able to increase my strength to where I am the strongest I have been in my 57 years!

-Tony Franklin, online client

I started with Shelley’s Fitness over 40 when I was in a rut with my fitness and wondering what to do next. Cardio wasn’t working and I had no idea where to start. With Shelley’s programme I gained confidence and feel better than I have in years. My knees and hips no longer ache and I feel stronger. Best decision I made!

-Nadine Crosby, online client