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Roller Derby Performance Programs

From: $20.00 / month for 3 months

Sign up today and get access to our derby-specific training programs, designed to get you to the next level of performance on the track.


Clear selection

For $20 per month you can choose from the following pre-designed roller derby specific sport performance programs*:

  • Roller Derby Basics (at home/limited equipment) – General Physical Preparation
  • Roller Derby Basics (gym access) – General Physical Preparation
  • Jammer/Pivot Level 1 (at home/limited equipment)
  • Jammer/Pivot Level 1 (gym access)
  • Jammer/Pivot Level 2 (at home/limited equipment)
  • Jammer/Pivot Level 2 (gym access)
  • Jammer/Pivot Level 3 (gym access only)
  • Blocker/Multi-position Level 1 (at home/limited equipment)
  • Blocker/Multi-position Level 1 (gym access)
  • Blocker/Multi-position Level 2 (at home/limited equipment)
  • Blocker/Multi-position Level 2 (gym access)
  • Blocker/Multi-position Level 3 (gym access only)

And include any of the following ongoing subscription add ons for only $9 more per month:

  • Basic Plyometrics
  • Intermediate Plyometrics
  • Advanced Plyometrics
  • Off-skates Speed and Conditioning 1
  • Off-skates Speed and Conditioning 2
  • Off-Skates Speed and Conditioning 3
  • Mobility 1
  • Mobility 2

Each program is delivered in an easy to understand format directly to your phone, with video examples and descriptions so you’ll know what to do and when to do it.

You also get access to our private online community where you can ask your coaches questions about specific training protocols, exercises or just training for derby in general.

At $20+ per month, it’s a pretty sweet deal.**



*Descriptions of the the suitability of each program based on training experience can be found in the purchase drop down box.

** Add-ons are purchased on a separate page, so once you select your primary program scroll down below and click on Roller Derby Add-ons to make you selection.

Our pre-designed programs will definitely help you improve your performance, but when you’re ready to take really your game to the next level, we also offer one on one virtual coaching for roller derby athletes complete with video training sessions, custom designed programming, sport nutrition information and virtual facetime with your private coach. You can find more information on one-on-one coaching HERE .

Primary Program

Roller Derby Basics (at home/limited equipment), Roller Derby Basics (gym access), Jammer/Pivot Level 1 (at home/limited equipment), Jammer/Pivot Level 1 (gym access), Jammer/Pivot Level 2 (at home/limited equipment), Jammer/Pivot Level 2 (gym access), Jammer/Pivot Level 3 (gym access only), Blocker/Multi-position Level 1 (at home/limited equipment), Blocker/Multi-position Level 1 (gym access), Blocker/Multi-position Level 2 (at home/limited equipment), Blocker/Multi-position Level 2 (gym access), Blocker/Multi-position Level 3 (gym access only)