It’s time to decide what kind of skater you want to be.

If you're ready to be next level, read on.

Last year I wrote an article entitled ‘What Strength and Conditioning Is, What It Isn’t, and Why It Matters in Roller Derby’ on my blog,

Since its publication, I’ve had numerous requests for more specific detail. People now understand what strength and conditioning isn’t, but they aren’t sure how to design or implement a program to take advantage of what it is.

Now they don’t have to.

FitLAB has helped surfers and paddleboarders in Australia, Spartan racers on the east coast of the US, hockey players in California and Canada, a sponsored physique athlete in South Africa, club-level rugby players in New Zealand, a swordfighter in Finland, and more than 80 other clients from all over the world get physically better at their chosen sport through our online coaching platform.

It’s time for roller derby athletes to take their rightful place among the elite athletes of the world.

Revolutionary Sport Meets Revolutionary Performance Coaching

Here's just some of what you get with FitLAB online coaching packages:

* workouts and training programs sent directly to your phone so you know exactly
what to do and when to do it

* progress tracking with easy-to-read data to keep you on target

* sports nutrition information, meal/macro tracking and weekly healthy recipes

* challenges and group competitions with skaters around the world

* exercise video demos and form checks from a FitLAB coach

* a monthly group online hangout with your FitLAB coach and other derby peeps

* membership in the private roller derby social community on the FitLAB site

* and a whole lot more

Whether you’re a skater or a coach, FitLAB has a membership that will fit your needs.

Choose your membership and get the goods

For Skaters

For Coaches

My goal is to ensure that as many people as possible throughout our sport have access to current, professional level sports performance training information.

Shelley J. Murray, CSCS (aka Justass of the Piece)